In Europe, a multitude of key priorities are shaping the future of food. The Farm to Fork Strategy emphasizes the importance of sustainable agriculture, focusing on the entire food supply chain to ensure a more nutritious and more environmentally friendly food system. Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) labels champion the uniqueness of regional products, safeguarding their heritage and quality.

Sustainable practices in agriculture and food production are gaining traction to reduce environmental impact and promote long-term resource stewardship. Stringent quality standards, food safety regulations, and traceability measures ensure that European consumers can trust the origins and safety of the products they choose, underlining the continent's commitment to providing safe, high-quality food.

In the context of an ever-pressing need to combat climate change and environmental degradation, these European priorities align seamlessly with the overarching vision of the European Green Deal, which aims to transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy, ensuring that the food sector plays a crucial role in mitigating these existential threats while fostering a sustainable and resilient food system for the future.