1. Why should a wholesaler choose the showcased European products?

Wholesalers should consider choosing the unique EU Culinary Delights products for several compelling reasons:

Quality and Authenticity: These products hold prestigious certifications like PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), which guarantee their quality, origin, and authenticity. This assurance can help wholesalers provide their customers with premium, genuine products.

Unique Regional Flavors: The products are sourced from distinct geographical regions, such as Thassos and Kavala, known for their unique terroirs and flavors. This can be a decisive selling point for wholesalers looking to offer superior products to their customers.

Availability Throughout the Year: The ensured consistent and year-round supply, provide wholesalers with the advantage of having products available to meet their customers' demands at all times.

Storage Flexibility: Many of these products, like olive oil and wine, have a longer shelf life and can be stored without compromising their quality. Wholesalers can maintain larger inventories without worrying about spoilage or quality deterioration.

Safety of Packaging and Food Contact Materials: The products are packaged in compliance with EU regulations and standards for food safety. The safety of packaging and food contact materials is a critical aspect of these products. It ensures that the products maintain their quality and freshness while safeguarding consumer health.

Certification of Participant Organizations: Wholesalers can reduce business risks associated with legal compliance and product quality by collaborating with organizations that are certified and meet the campaign's rigorous standards. Furthermore, certified organizations often have access to valuable resources, information, and support that can benefit wholesalers, such as market insights, marketing materials, and educational resources.

EU Financing Backing: The fact that these products are part of an EU-financed campaign highlights their quality and the EU's support for their production. This can instill confidence in wholesalers and their clients.

Market Appeal: PDO and PGI products often have a strong market appeal due to their perceived quality and connection to specific regions. This can help wholesalers attract customers who appreciate these qualities.

Versatility: The range of products, including PDO olives, PGI olive oil, and PDO/PGI wine, can cater to a diverse customer base. Wholesalers can tap into different market segments, from food service providers to retailers and more.

Sustainability: PDO and PGI products are often associated with sustainable and traditional farming practices, which can resonate with consumers looking for environmentally friendly products.

Supporting Local Communities: By choosing these products, wholesalers can contribute to the sustainability of local communities and the preservation of traditional farming methods in the respective regions.

In summary, these products offer a combination of quality, authenticity, and market appeal, that can make them an attractive choice for dedicated professionals looking to offer distinctive and high-value products to their customers.